How to Get Your North Face Backpack Monogrammed


Let’s talk about the monogrammed north face backpack. We’ve seen plenty of them on campus and think they look really cute. But where is everyone getting them? Let’s find out.


Where is everyone getting these done?

The Secret: Get your north face backpack monogrammed using a local embroidery service.

Finding a local shop that offers custom embroidery is as easy as a google search on your phone or computer. What you want to search for is “custom embroidery near me” to find a list of local shops. When you find a shop give them a call and ask them if they will monogram your North Face backpack. The costs will vary so it’s important to ask about pricing as well.

Another option is to find a business who offers a custom monograms as a secondary service. Some examples are mall kiosks, dry cleaners or a screen printing shop. Screen printing shops usually offer custom t-shirts and jerseys for local sports teams and schools. Many also offer embroidery as a secondary service so it’s worth asking if they will monogram your North Face backpack for a fee.

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Online custom orders

There are very little places online where you can send in your backpack to be monogrammed and then have it shipped back to you. Those that do offer this service are often times slow and you can expect to be without your backpack for weeks!

But there are also places that sell their own brand backpacks that can be embroidered. Amazon offers cute backpacks that can be custom monogrammed. While brands like LL Bean and MarleyLilly offer a custom monogram service with the purchase of their backpacks. Purchasing your backpack through one of these brands online is much easier than sending in your own backpack to be monogrammed. But the downside is that no one offers an exclusive North Face backpack monogramming service.

Hopefully this article has shed some light on how to get your North Face backpack monogrammed. We love the look of monogramed North Face backpacks and think they are a fun and simple way to stand out in a crowd and have something all your own.