These Cute Suitcases For Teens will Upgrade Any Travel Style

Searching for cute suitcases for teens can be a hassle when most stores only carry big bulky black suitcases that are better suited for adult business trips than a teenage girl. We are on the hunt for stylish and chic suitcases that were just the ticket to upgrade to a more stylish travel look. 

Best luggage for teenager - suitcases for teens

Wait… stylish luggage?

Yes, cute luggage does exist! Luggage is one of those necessary staples that you don’t really think about until it’s time to pack for an important trip. Not only will colorful and stylish luggage make it easier to find your suitcase at the airport baggage carousel (hello, sea of boring black suitcases) but the right luggage can upgrade any travel look.

Luckily, traveling teens and students don’t have to result to boring black luggage for their traveling needs. With so many brands releasing exciting designs and prints it’s a great time to upgrade your travel look to something fun and modern.

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Best Carry On Luggage for Teens

Travelpro Maxlite 5 - lightweight teenage suitcases

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Expandable Suitcase

The Travelpro Maxlite 5 is an ultra-lightweight and ultra-durable suitcase that can handle the wear and tear of even the busiest of trips. Thanks to Travelpro’s great design it’s much lighter than the competition so you can pack more and worry less. And even though it’s a check in size - it’s also expandable and equipped with extra exterior pockets for even more storage. The Travelpro Maxlite 5 is also available in checked luggage sizes and sets to fit your travel needs. 

Burton Wheelie luggage for teenager

Burton Wheelie Flight Deck Rolling Gear Bag

The Burton Wheelie is the bag for anyone who only wants to bring a carry-on but likes to pack a little too much. This is thanks to Burton’s CRAM stretch zippers that allows for that little extra give when packing. And at 45 liters it is the Goldie Locks of suitcases - not too small to fit all of your essentials yet not too big to fit in most overhead compartments

American Tourister Belle Voyage - best teenage luggage on wheels

American Tourister Belle Voyage Luggage

American Tourister offers a carry on spinner that packs a punch with their Belle Voyage series of softside luggage. Inside you’ll find special features like extra zipper compartments for organizing, a special blouse pocket and even a shoe pocket! This spinner also has lots of pretty details like rose gold accents and a fun print that is perfect for teens who want to travel in style.

Dakine luggage for teenage girl

Dakine Carry On Roller 42L Bag

Dakine is known for their tough as nails luggage and fun patterns. It’s the perfect combo for anyone on the hunt for the perfect luggage for teens. With the Dakine Carry On Roller you’ll get a split-level layout for easy access to your clothes and accessories. Tech lovers will love this luggage as it includes an exterior laptop sleeve for easy access while traveling.

Best Check In Luggage For Teens

American Tourister - cute luggage for teens

American Tourister Moonlight Luggage

American Tourister offers luggage with teens in mind with their Moonlight series of expandable luggage. Available in multiple colors and prints the Moonlight series offers awesome features such as two large storage compartments, a blouse pocket, and ultra-smooth spinner wheels. A hardshell construction also means your contents will be safe and secure inside no matter how rough the handling at the airport. The American Tourister Moonlight is also available in a smaller carry on size.

Aimee Kestenberg - perfect luggage for teenage girl

Aimee Kestenberg Geo Chic Expandable Luggage

Aimee Kestenberg offers cute luggage in pretty metallics and geometric shapes with their Geo Chic hardcase luggage. Available in multiple colors - the Geo Chic proves there is a happy medium between childish luggage and boring black suitcases. A hard case means secure check-in travel plus the unique pattern makes spotting the suitcase on the baggage carousel a breeze!

Uniwalker Travel luggage for teenage girl

Uniwalker Travel Floral Suitcase

Uniwalker offers a vintage-inspired suitcase with their Floral print series of travel luggage. This suitcase is large enough to be used as a check in item but small enough for easy handling by teens. The design is inspired by old trunks but Uniwalker still manages to pack modern travel features on the inside like special pockets for toiletries and mesh zip pockets for smaller items of clothing. Anyone looking for cute luggage for teenage girls will love the Uniwalker Travel Floral Suitcase!

Best Luggage Sets for Teens

Gabbiano Genova suitcases for teens

Gabbiano Genova 3 Piece Luggage Set

Our top pick for the best luggage set for teenage girls is the stylish Gabbiano Genovo 3 piece luggage set. This spinner collection brings a smaller carry on and two different size check in suitcases to make you adventure ready. The metallic finish adds a touch of maturity while the rose gold color keeps it fun and stylish. This is one set of luggage that wouldn’t get lost in the sea of boring suitcases at the airport baggage carousel!

Rockland suitcases for teens

Rockland Luggage Set

Our budget luggage set for those who want cute luggage without the high price tag is the Rockland Luggage Set. At under $50 this set includes a larger suitcase that can be used as a carry on or check in plus a smaller tote that is perfect as a personal item on airlines. The best part? Rockland offers this luggage set in over a dozen colors and patterns so you are sure to find one you love!

American Tourister Disney-themed teen girl luggage

American Tourister offers one of the best luggage sets for teens who love Disney with this series of officially licensed hardshell luggage. Available in a few different Disney patterns - this 2 piece luggage set includes a 28” spinner for check ins and a smaller 21” carry on. With a tough as nails scratch resistant shell, smooth wheels and roomy interior storage this luggage set is guaranteed to be your teens favorite way to travel.

Heys American marble luggage set for teens

Heys America Bianco Marble Luggage Set

The Heys America Bianco Luggage Set makes a fun yet mature luggage set for teens thanks to their use of marble print and awesome storage features. This cute luggage set includes a carry on size and two check in suitcases that are perfect for anything from weekend trips to long term getaways. Each suitcase is equipped with great features like mesh organizer pockets, zipper-released expansion systems and built-in locks for extra security.

More Brands You’ll Love

The truth is there are tons of brands out there that offer cute suitcases for teens and young adults. We have picked our favorites above but let’s explore a few unmentioned brands that we think are also great choices.

Steve Madden

Luggage can be pricey - but good luggage will last years of use and should be valued as a small investment. This is why we recommend Steve Madden. Their luggage is a perfect mix of sophisticated and fun designs that are perfect for teens and young adults alike. Their patterns are playful (yet not childish) and they come in a variety of styles and patterns so you are bound to find a set you love.

Steve Madden’s softside luggage options are very lightweight while still including many of the features we have come to expect in modern luggage - outside storage pockets, 360 degree spinner wheels and reliable construction that can take a beating during luggage handling. If you are looking for luggage for a teenage girl to be used into young adulthood then Steve Madden luggage is an excellent choice. 

Lily Bloom

Lily Bloom is a handbag and accessories brand that focuses on sustainable fashion. They are known for their fun bag patterns and matching travel accessories. We recommend Lily Bloom to anyone looking for cute suitcases for teens who love bright colors, fun patterns and charming designs. 

While most other luggage brands only offer fun patterns on their hardshell luggage - Lily Bloom offers patterned prints on a variety of softside suitcase options. You can purchase complete luggage sets in the same pattern that include a carry on, check ins and a small tote to use as a personal item on flights. We love that Lily Bloom luggage is reasonably priced - proving that cute luggage doesn’t have to be expensive!


Cotrunakge offers luggage for teens who want something different than a regular old suitcase design. Their vintage-inspired luggage sets are perfect for spotting on the crowded baggage carousel. Cotrunkage does a great job at adding must-have features such as built-in locks, lightweight yet durable bodies, and smart mesh pockets for organizing in the interiors. Available in a variety of colors, sizes and sets - Cotrunkage offers the perfect suitcase for a teenage girl who wants something charming and cute. 

Tips for choosing the perfect suitcase for teens

Ready to pick out the perfect luggage? Here are some tips to help you navigate your next purchase.

Choosing the best suitcase for teens

Carry on vs check in luggage

The first thing to consider when shopping for new luggage is what size luggage you will need. The two most common sizes are “carry on” size and “check in” size.

Carry on luggage should be small enough to fit in your airline’s overhead compartment. The exact size you’ll need varies with each airline so make sure to double check your carry on requirements before picking a new suitcase. 

Check in luggage is generally larger and can come in a variety of sizes from medium to large. Luggage sets often include one or more check in pieces in varying sizes to accommodate different trips and packing needs. 

Hardshell vs Softside Luggage 

Another choice when shopping for new luggage is whether you prefer hardshell or softside luggage. Each type of luggage has it’s own pros and cons so let’s go over what makes them different.

Example of hardshell luggage

Example of hardshell luggage

Hardshell (or hardside) luggage has a hard shell usually made out of plastic, polycarbonate or aluminum that protects the contents inside. Because of the nature of this hard shell there are usually no pockets or compartments on the outside.

Hardshell luggage is generally more water resistant that a softside suitcase and the smooth exterior also makes it easier to keep clean. If you are looking for luggage with fun patterns or textures then a hardshell suitcase is the way to go.

Example of softside luggage

Example of softside luggage

Softside luggage is made of a heavy duty textile exterior to protects the contents inside. Because of this softside suitcases are less water resistant than their hardshell counterparts and more likely to pick up stains and smells.

But there is a lot to love about softside luggage! For one - softside luggage is more likely to include outside pockets and compartments for things like boarding passes, laptops and personal items. This allows for quick access to the things you need most.

Softside luggage also has more “give” to it. This means those who love shopping while on a trip will have more room to stuff their luggage to maximum capacity - unfortunately hardshell luggage doesn’t have this luxury. This extra “give” also means that softside luggage is easier to fit into overhead bins and tight spaces.

2 Wheels vs 4 Wheels

One area to pay attention to when shopping for new luggage for teens are the luggage wheels. Going with a suitcase that has 4 wheels makes it much easier to handle. This is important for teens with bulky luggage who may have trouble lifting heavy suitcases on their own. 

You are also going to want to choose a suitcase with 360 degree wheels. This allows the suitcase to be spinned in any direction and makes it much easier to handle.

Picking best luggage for teenage girl

Don’t go too cheap 

Many cheap pieces of luggage seam like a good deal until you put it through some real life use. Sooner than later you are dealing with cracked, torn and raggedy luggage. To prevent this - spend a little more on quality luggage that you can use for years to come without worry.

For hardshell luggage we recommend going with a polycarbonate shell. Polycarbonate provides enough flex when dropped to avoid cracking and it is scratch resistant. For traveling teens this is a must because of it’s durability and lightweight when compared to traditional plastic or aluminum.

Brands we recommend for good quality teenage luggage are Travelpro, American Tourister, Burton and Dakine. These brands really come out with some cool designs plus they are durable enough to handle the busiest frequent traveler. 

Final tip: Have fun

The best part about shopping for suitcases for teens is exploring the hundreds of fun options available! Don’t be afraid to go a little bold with an all-over-print pattern or with bright colors. Not only will this set you apart while traveling but it will make life a lot easier when having to pick your bag out in the airport baggage carousel!