Vaschy Classic Rucksack Backpack

There is no point in tip-toeing here so let’s call this backpack what it is; a cheap backpack for those who like the Herschel look but don’t want to pay Herschel prices. Vaschy introduces a competitively priced Herschel Little America alternative with their Classic Rucksack backpack and it surprisingly doesn’t suck.

So what exactly do you get with such a cheap backpack? Surprisingly, more than you would expect. The bag’s main compartment has a slightly bigger carrying capacity than the Herschel Little America. It also has side pockets for water bottles, smaller pockets inside the main compartment, and a mesh pocket inside the front pocket - all things that the Little America doesn’t have. Although you shouldn’t expect a “quality” backpack here, the Vaschy Classic Rucksack backpack is decent enough considering the low price.

What we like

  • Cheaper backpack for those who don’t want to spend the money on more expensive brands.

  • Side pockets and internal mesh pockets are a nice touch.

What we don’t like

  • Cheap construction and stitching proves that you get what you pay for.


  • Dimensions: 18” H x 12.8” W x 7” D

  • Capacity: 26.5L

  • Material: Water Resistant Polyester

  • Weight: 1.59lbs

  • Laptop Compartment: Up to 15.6”

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