Dual laptop backpack? Best backpacks for two laptop carry

If you are searching for a dual laptop backpack then you are not alone. Technicians, work commuters and frequent travelers may have more than one laptop to lug around and are in need of a 2 laptop backpack solution.

Ideally what we would want is a backpack with two separate padded laptop sleeves. Instead, what we have found is that most major brands aren’t chomping at the bits to design and release such a bag. This forces us to compromise and get creative with how we carry two laptops.

In this article we are going to explore our best multiple laptop backpack solutions and list our favorite backpacks that can accommodate two laptops. 

If you have found a true dual laptop backpack or if you are a brand releasing such a bag, please reach out to us and we will gladly add the backpack to this list.


Dual laptop backpack carry options

Finding a backpack with two separate laptop compartments feels a lot like unicorn hunting. We searched far and wide and have come back empty handed in finding a true dual pocket laptop backpack. 

So what exactly are our options?

1. Taking advantage of larger tablet pockets

We can take advantage of larger tablet pockets to accommodate a second laptop. Of course, this requires one of your laptops to be on the smaller and thinner side. It also requires the tablet pocket to be wider and longer than your average 10-inch tablet. We think the WANDRD PRVKE is a good example of such a tablet pocket. 

Everki Atlas adjustable laptop sleeve

Everki Atlas adjustable laptop sleeve

2. Sharing the laptop Pocket

For those with slimmer laptops, you can also use a backpack that can accommodate two laptops inside the same padded pocket. This works best with laptop pockets that are adjustable such as the one found in the Everki Atlas backpack.

Using a padded laptop sleeve

Using a padded laptop sleeve

3. Using a separate padded laptop sleeve

The easiest way of turning a backpack into a two laptop backpack is by purchasing a separate padded laptop sleeve and storing your second device in the main compartment or in the laptop compartment if there is room to spare. 

Unlike sharing a laptop pocket, a laptop sleeve allows your second laptop to have its own cushioned area to safeguard it from bumps and scratches. Padded laptop sleeves are fairly cheap and it’s easy to find a great quality one for your exact laptop size.

Best backpacks for two laptops

The backpack criteria is simple - find bags that can best accommodate two laptops. From roomy laptop compartments to innovative main compartment systems, here are our top picks.

Everki Atlas Laptop Backpack - The closest thing to a dual laptop backpack?

Everki Atlas Laptop Backpack

Those looking for a reliable dual laptop backpack will love the ruggedness and performance based design of the Everki Atlas. The bag features a TSA friendly laptop compartment that has both a padded laptop and separate tablet sleeve for easy carry of multiple devices.

What makes the Everki Atlas so special is that the laptop sleeve is expandable thanks to its velcro strapping system. This allows you to carry a very large laptop or two thinner laptops in the same padded laptop pocket. Small enough laptops can also fit in the tablet sleeve while the main compartment is also large enough to also accommodate a second laptop in a padded sleeve.

Yorepek Travel Laptop Backpack

With a large capacity and tons of storage options, the Yorepek Travel Laptop backpack is a great choice for those on a budget who don’t want to compromise on functionality.

Although not technically a 2 laptop backpack, this bag can comfortably store two laptops in either the back laptop compartment or in the main compartment. The laptop compartment is TSA friendly and opens up clamshell style to access a single padded laptop compartment and a separate mesh sleeve that can hold a 2nd laptop or tablet.

WANDRD PRVKE - Camera and dual laptop backpack

Wandrd Prvke 

Made for photographers, travelers and daily commuters alike, the WANDRD PRVKE is an innovative take on style and function. While the main compartment features customizable storage for camera equipment or personal items, laptop storage can be found in its own separate zip compartment in the back of the bag.

Inside the laptop compartment you will find not just one, but two padded sleeves for devices. Although one padded sleeve is made with tablets in mind, it’s large and deep enough for thinner laptops. If you are looking for a laptop bag for two laptops with flexible storage options than the WANDRD PRVKE is definitely worth a closer look.

Tom Bihn Brain Backpack - Multiple laptop backpack

Tom Bihn Brain Bag (with Cache)

The Brain Bag consists of two separate main compartments. What makes the Brain Bag such an ideal multiple laptop backpack is its Cache and Rail system. A Cache is a Tom Bihn padded laptop sleeve that you can purchase separately. Each Cache can be attached to “Rails” on the inside of either main compartment for an instant removable laptop compartment. The ability to add more than one Cache easily makes the Brain Bag the best backpack for multiple laptops.

High Sierra Swerve - A cheap two laptop backpack

High Sierra Swerve Backpack

A popular backpack amongst students, the High Sierra Swerve backpack is a great inexpensive backpack for those who carry tons of tech and need enough room for things like books, extra clothes and accessories. 

The Swerve makes a great two laptop backpack thanks to its “Tech Spot” compartment that features a padded laptop sleeve and tablet sleeve with room to spare for a second laptop. Since the laptop area is in it’s own zippered compartment, larger laptops can fit in the same compartment inside its own padded sleeve. This is a great option for anyone who wants to keep their laptops separate from the rest of the bag. For under $60, the High Sierra Swerve is one of the better backpacks that can accommodate two laptops securely.

Everki Versa - 2 laptop backpack

Everki Versa Premium Laptop Backpack

Everki offers another great backpack option for those who need a tough high quality bag for work and travel with the Versa laptop backpack.

Unlike the bulkier Everki Atlas, the Versa offers a smaller form factor that makes a great dual laptop backpack for thinner laptops such as Chromebooks, newer Macbooks, and other similar sized laptops. Two thin laptops under 14 inches can fit in the laptop compartment thanks to its roomy padded pocket and separate tablet sleeve. 

Nomatic Travel Pack - Efficient laptop carry

Nomatic Travel Pack

The Nomatic Travel Pack is great for anyone searching for an expandable travel backpack for personal and work trips alike. 

The laptop compartment features a padded laptop sleeve, separate tablet sleeve and a document sleeve. We have found that slimmer second laptop can comfortably fit in the document sleeve. Since the laptop compartment is separate from the rest of the bag, both laptops will be secured without disrupting the rest of your carry. While not designed as a two laptop backpack, the Nomatic Travel Pack has enough wiggle room in its laptop compartment to accommodate multiple devices.