Bellroy Duo Totepack

The Bellroy Duo Totepack is a sleek convertible backpack made for work commuters, hectic business meetings and general daily carry.

The Bellroy Duo Totepack gives you the option of a work tote or commuter backpack. The backpack straps are held together by small metals clips that can be unfastened and tucked into the back panel for an instant transformation from backpack to tote.

What we like

  • Slim and mature design is perfect for work, school or general commuting.

  • Water resistant fabric with Aquaguard zippers makes the Duo Totepack great for commutes.

What we don’t like

  • Lack of organizers makes storing small easy to lose items difficult.


  • Dimensions: 17.71” H x 13.77” W x 2.75” D

  • Capacity: 15L

  • Materials: Venture-weave polyester with leather accents

  • Laptop Compartment: Up to 15”

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